Your Perfect Timing Photographers 


Once upon a time…

There were two people who met, fell in love and were joined in wedded bliss. They decided to create a business doing something that they both loved and knew that TOGETHER it could be something wonderful. Throughout this journey, it was evident that each step was in PERFECT TIMING.


Why Photography?



Pictures are our stories that we pass down to our children and to their children. They are the moments in time that we cherish.

Travis and I want this for you.


Travis and Janine Fun Facts!

  • On a beautiful July morning we eloped to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains in Colorado and photographed a lot of our own Wedding Day!
  • We love the mountains and HIGHLY recommend Della Terra Mountain Chateau for a romantic get away!
  • There are 5 children in the mix which has placed a camera in our hands for many sports, dance, band, and all the other things that kids do!
  • Janine is an elementary school teacher.  
  • Travis eats his dessert WITH his dinner.
  • Janine DRINKS her dessert – White Chocolate Mocha with 2 raw sugars and stirred.
  • Travis likes his coffee black with exactly 10 ice cubes in it.
  • Janine is okay with being a couch potato.
  • Travis enjoys long bike rides and encouraging the “couch potato” to join him.
  • While in the Navy, Travis was stationed in Iceland…brrr….
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